ICCP Anodes

Marine Anode Sled

ICCP – High Silicon Cast Iron

  • Engineered for any marine structural application
  • Cathodic protection above & below the mudline
  • Weighted for extreme marine conditions
  • High Silicon Cast Iron w/ Chromium per ASTM A518
  • Delivers up to 130A in seawater
  • 4 Heavy-duty Lifting Lugs
  • Dual Electrical Connections
  • Turnkey Engineering Available

Protect investments and reduce construction costs!

The Toranode (Torus Anode)

ICCP – High Silicon Cast Iron
48% Increase in Surface Area & Current Output

  • Engineered for any groundbed application
  • Single or Dual Head wire connection
  • Patent Pending
  • High Silicon Cast Iron w/ Chromium per ASTM A518
  • Delivers up to 12A in soil
  • Delivers up to 28A in Seawater
  • Available in Canister

Same groundbed uses less anodes and reduces construction costs!

High Silicon Cast Iron Solid Stick Anode

Seaguard HSCI anodes for impressed current systems are inexpensive, stable, and resistant to acids and alkalis environment. Three popular sizes are available. Other sizes are available upon request.

  1. HMWPE cable
  2. Bi – component epoxy resin
  3. Heat shrink cap
  4. Steel pin
  5. Steel anchor
Nominal DimensionsSurface AreaNominal Weights
Anode DiameterTotal LengthHead Diameter
mmInchmmInchmmInchm2sq ftkglbs
Chemical Composition
ElementsWeight % ASTM A518 Grade 3
Silicon14.20 -14.75
Manganese1.50 max
Carbon0.70 – 1.10
Chromium3.25 – 5.00
Molybdenum0.20 max
Copper0.50 max

High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anode

Seaguard HSCI tubular anodes work well as deep well anodes for cathodic protection of offshore platforms, underground steel pipelines, underground cables, subsea pipelines, etc.

The tubular design provides greater surface area over solid cast iron anodes with identical weight. This, in turn, lowers anode-to-earth resistance, decreases the current density on the surface of the anode and permits any generated gases to be distributed over a larger area. The tubular design also means the wire connection can be made in the center of the anode, thus eliminating the problem of end-effect consumption. There are two manufacturing methods to produce these anodes, steel mold cast (SM) or centrifugal cast (CC). The dimensions of HSCI tubular anodes can be customized in accordance with client’s requirements.

Type “CC”Nominal DimensionsNominal WeightNominal Surface area
mminmminkglbm2sq ft
Type “SM”Nominal DimensionsNominal  WeightNominal Surface Area
mmInmmInmmInkglbm2sq ft
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