About Us

Seaguard International is a division of Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd., which is partnered with Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l Unipersonale, to offer industrial cathodic protection to the global community from its facilities located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l Unipersonale established in Italy in 1972, – an associated company of Seaguard LTD. (London, 1956) to assure a consistently high level of quality and technology in the Mediterranean area – has since been trading internationally in the design, production and supply of cathodic protection systems.

With a vast experience in supply and engineering of all types of corrosion applications throughout the world, Seaguard International is an ideal choice to be part of your solutions for all your corrosion needs. Our highly experienced Corrosion Engineers are equipped to offer engineered solutions for all types of situations and applications. Our manufacturing plants in located in North America, Europe and Asia allows us to supply a wide array of materials needed for all types of corrosion solutions in a very timely matter. We are able to provide engineering services only, material supply only, or any combination of offering our customers flexible solutions to all their requirements.

Our Products:

  • Commercial Marine Anodes
  • Antifouling Anodes
  • Packaged Anodes
  • High Silicone Cast Iron (HSCI) Anodes
  • Calcined Coke Breeze Backfill
  • MMO Titanium Anodes
  • Electrical and measuring components for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems including transformer rectifiers, and reference electrodes

Our Services:

  • Materials
  • Engineering

Seaguard International is a proud members of the following organizations:

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