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HSCI Solid Stick Anode

High Silicon Cast Iron Solid Stick Anode

Silicon Iron Anodes for Impressed Current System

Seaguard HSCI anodes for impressed current systems are inexpensive, stable, and resistant to acids and alkalis environments.

Anodes are available with a variety of sizes. Three popular sizes are available. Other sizes are available upon request.

  1. HMWPE cable
  2. Bi-component epoxy resin
  3. Heat shrink cap
  4. Steel pin
  5. Steel anchor


Chemical Composition
Weight % 
ASTM A518 Grade 3
Silicon14.20 -14.75
Manganese1.50 max
Carbon0.70 – 1.10
Chromium3.25 – 5.00
Molybdenum0.20 max
Copper0.50 max